Our mission is to save lives and improve patient care by providing Gambian hospitals and clinics with reliable electricity through solar energy

Imagine rushing to a hospital at night, needing immediate critical care, only to find the hospital has no electricity. Dim candles light the emergency room. Doctors and nurses move around by flashlight. No monitoring equipment is available. No lab tests can be run for you. No blood transfusion is available, the blood bank refrigerators are warm and life giving blood has to be thrown out. As you lay there gasping, no oxygen is available – the oxygen concentrators cannot function.

This frightening scenario is far too normal in countries like The Gambia, where reliable electricity is not a given fact. Yet, this does not need to be the case. Power Up Gambia has proven that hospitals and clinics in The Gambia can achieve reliable electricity thru clean, green renewable power. In The Gambia – solar power can save lives.