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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve healthcare delivery in The Gambia by providing proven, reliable, and sustainable electricity through solar energy. Hospitals and clinics in The Gambia are still without access to electricity. Support from volunteers and partners can help us spread our mission.That’s why we need your help!

Our Vision

We believe solar power generation of electricity will make quality health care possible even in the most remote areas. It can be both technically and financially sustainable through a comprehensive solar electrification system integrated within The Gambia Health Care Sector. Solar power can save lives!

Our Philosophy

We believe that grassroots efforts that stay connected to projects for the long term are the most effective. We believe in solar power and equity in medicine and we work closely with our partners in the Gambian health care and energy sector in all of our projects to achieve those goals. Get involved today!


Power Up Gambia, with its mission to provide reliable, responsible electricity and water to health facilities in western Gambia serves to increase access to health care for poor people and to reduce the toll of “modernization” on our planet. This work succeeds in uniting the two great struggles of our time: the struggle for social justice and that for ecological justice.

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD | Co-Founder, Partners In Health
Presley Professor of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

leaf In The Gambia, there is no reliable electricity. Imagine even in the suffocating heat and humidity, you have no air conditioning, no fan, no power for lights. Because so little of the country has power, there is no light pollution. The clinics in the rural area operate seven days a week / 24 hours a day. After the sun sets, it is so dark it is almost impossible to see your hand in front of your face. Now imagine trying to deliver a baby or perform surgery in that darkness. The light of a candle or cell phone is simply not enough to penetrate the enveloping darkness. It swallows you, it makes you invisible. And in The Gambia, the lack of reliable electricity can kill you. Our purpose is to bring power and water to The Gambia.

butterfly Our goal is nothing less than having light and power in every health care facility in The Gambia! We feel partnerships and collaborations with other organizations are critical in meeting this goal. In addition to working closely with the Gambia Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, we also work with Ministry of Energy, the CEO’s of individual hospitals, various charity groups both in The Gambia and around the world, with REAGAM (the Renewable Energy Association of The Gambia) and with NAWEC (the Gambian National Water and Electric Company).