Women of the Serrakunda Market

Women of the Serrakunda Market

Women in the Serrekunda Market selling produce and meat

Women in The Gambia are incredibly hard working. In addition to tending to the household, raising the children, helping their husbands, tending gardens and rice fields, and helping their extended families and friends, many of them run small businesses on the side to raise money.

The Serrekunda Market is a very busy market in The Gambia where you find women running businesses and selling goods everywhere. You can find almost anything in the Serrekunda Market. There are food stalls, housewares, clothes, appliances, shoes, and a thousand other items. Everything is laid out for the potential customer to see, either in a stall, on a table, or spread out on a tarp or cloth on the ground.market_women_serrekunda_market_4_sm

A lively, colorful and sometimes overwhelming place, the Serrekunda market is a wonderful place to visit in The Gambia. Thanks to Shayna McConville for sharing her pictures of the marketplace with us!

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