We Can Accomplish A Lot, Thanks to Some Very Special Students

We Can Accomplish A Lot, Thanks to Some Very Special Students

Middle school students donate to PUG

We love the help we receive from students in and around Philadelphia! From the students at Tilden Middle school holding a penny drive to buy headlamps and chargers for clinics, to Jack B. selling wristbands at his school to purchase a fetal heart monitor, to Emily and Cecily at Clearview High School holding a dance and raising enough money to fund a solar suitcase – we appreciate all the help!

Emily and Cecily met with Sulayman Junkung Hospital CEO Mr. Kebba Badgie while he and his wife were visiting the United States last month. They were able to present the solar suitcase that their school funded to Mr. Badgie, and learned more from him about health care in The Gambia. In discussions with Kebba, we realized than over 30 American college students have now volunteered at his hospital through Power Up Gambia and our collaborative work with University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. It has been an amazing learning experience for the students, and the hospital staff has really enjoyed getting to know all of the different students as they have rotated through the hospital on their volunteer projects.

It seems only appropriate that Power Up Gambia works with so many students and student groups. We were founded by a University of Pennsylvania student, and our projects have grown mainly through the hard work of student volunteers and interns. With two hospital and 18 clinic projects under our belt, based mostly on the generosity of individual donors and the hard work of student volunteers, we look forward to continuing our collaborations with student groups not only in Philadelphia but in The Gambia as well!

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