May Day

May Day

On May 1 Gambians will celebrate International Workers’ Day, generally referred to as May Day. This day was born out of a struggle for shorter work days – a demand of major political significance for the working class. Although the demand for higher wages appears to be the most prevalent cause for the earlier Workers’ Days, the question of shorter hours and the right to organize were always kept in the fore when workers formulated their demands against the bosses and the government. As exploitation was becoming intensified and workers were feeling more and more the strained of inhumanly long working hours, the demand for an appreciable reduction of working hours became more pronounced.

Gambians Celebrate May Day with the International Labor Organization

Each year, the rest of the world joins the International Labor Organization to remember the plight of workers across the globe and those who struggle to ensure that the working class is not alienated exploited at work. In The Gambia, it has been traditional for all the workers to converge at one place to rejoice among themselves and reflect on the prevailing peace, progress and prosperity flourishing in the country. The Gambia has engendered a climate that allows workers to become part of their institutions, as measures are put in place that bar the exploitation and marginalization of the workers from their work.

This year the National Sports Council staged a successful May Day Sports at the Independence Stadium in Bakau. According to Marcel Mendy, the executive director of the National Sports and a member of the National Organising Committee,

“this year we are going to celebrate it in grand style because it coincides with the Golden Jubilee [independence] of The Gambia.”

The executive director said the committee is expecting 50 institutions and 40 countries to take part in this year’s edition. New events will be incorporated into this year’s sporting aspect of things. These competitions, he added, are eating; dressing among the security apparatus and a race between the ministers, heads of departments and managing directors. The celebrations will begin with a volleyball competition at the Manneh Sillah Memorial Volleyball Court in Banjul.

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