Basse is Hot!

Our interns and technicians spent last week installing small solar units in the 5 remaining clinics in Upper River Region that did not have any access to any light. Bit by bit, we are working our way down the country, filling in the missing gaps in coverage for electricity in clinics in The Gambia in partnership with the Gambia Ministry of Health and Social Services. We are wrapping up Upper River Region – now, on to North Bank!

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we have been able to place solar suitcases (manufactured by the charity We Care Solar) and small solar units we can buy in The Gambia from Yingli Solar. For the nurses and midwives in these remote rural clinics, having light, cell phone charging and a fetal heart monitor to use in difficult deliveries is a huge deal. Their smiles and thanks alone make this “solar suitcase project” worthwhile.

University of Pennsylvania dental student Jing shared her experiences about their trek to the clinics of Upper River Region in her blog post “Basse – hot” Read about her adventures and see what we have been doing this summer with the help of these great interns!

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