Core Team

Team PUG the heart and soul of our project. We would not exist if not for the countless efforts of our staff.

Team PUG includes our Executive Director, who works first hand with Our Staff and Technicians to execute our policies, programs, initiatives and the day-to-day operations of our organization.


Lynn McConville has worked as the Executive Director of Power Up Gambia for the last 5 years. As Executive Director, Lynn provides project management for Power Up Gambia projects in the field, provides administrative support for the organization, coordinates work of all volunteers and interns, assists in fundraising and work with the board of Power Up Gambia on organizational strategy and project implementation. With a background in project management and environmental eduction and outreach in the private, government and non-profit sectors, her work in The Gambia allows her to return to West Africa where she worked as Peace Corps volunteer in the early ’80’s.

Lynn McConville


Saikou Gibba is a maintenance staff member of Sulayman Junkung General Hospital and one of the two solar technicians on site overseeing operation and maintenance of PUG’s solar power system there. A graduate of Gambia Technical Training Institute’s electrical engineering program, Saikou has a strong interest in both renewable energy and electronics. He has worked with PUG volunteers for many years, and now is the assigned technician for the rural clinic solar suitcase project, overseeing installation, maintenance and repairs of these systems in rural clinics throughout The Gambia.

Saikou Gibba


Power Up Gambia was founded by a Univ. of Pennsylvania student volunteer and grew as an organization through the hard work of a core group of dedicated Penn student volunteers. PUG still relies on Penn student volunteers for a great deal of the work done for the organization – both domestically and abroad. Board Fellows from Wharton’s School of Business have served on Power Up Gambia’s Board since its founding, and students from Penns Global International Internship Program regularly travel to The Gambia to work on projects for both Power Up Gambia and Sulayman Junkung Hospital.

University of Penn Students


Power Up Gambia also has strong ties to Drexel University’s Office of Global Health, which provides PUG with both office and meeting space on the Drexel campus. Interns from Drexel’s International Internship Coop Program have worked on projects for both Power Up Gambia and Sulayman Junkung Hospital and have helped forge strong relationships between Drexel University, Power Up Gambia and the Gambia Ministry of Health. In particular, Power Up Gambia has been fortunate to work with Drexel students in the WeServe program , which focuses on assisting and training staff in hospital equipment maintenance and repair