waterWater Resources

Why is reliable electricity so important to health care? Without electricity, clean water can’t be pumped to hospitals and clinics, limiting drinking water and severely compromising sanitation – increasing the risk of infection and disease.

butterflySave Lives

Our mission is to save lives and improve patient care by providing Gambian hospitals and clinics with reliable electricity via solar energy.

windmillSolar Energy

The Gambia Ministry of Energy has named solar power for decentralized electricity production as the top renewable energy opportunity in The Gambia. Providing solar power solutions to hospitals and clinics is a priority issue for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

lampLeft in the Dark

In a health facility without electricity, a nurse or midwife will labor in the dark with few resources available to try and help a mother struggling during delivery or an infant born in distress. Simply having light to see and address a problem can be life saving.

leafRoad to Solar

We believe we can leverage the distributive nature of solar PV generation to financially support hospitals and the expansion of solar electrification systems.


Solar power generation and power sales at larger health facilities could provide the revenue needed to build a centralized support system. Working with the Gambia National Water and Electric Company, Power Up Gambia hopes to build a pilot solar project with revenue generation at Bansang Hospital in 2019

shopDrugs & Vaccines

Cold chain dependent drugs, blood, and vaccines need cold storage to remain effective. Without electricity or with unreliable electricity, life saving treatments are wasted and ruined and the blood that may be desperately needed for transfusions is simply not available.

lifesaverHealth Centers

We have brought power to 2 hospitals and 58 clinics. With 11 regional and district hospitals, a dozen major health centers and over 120 community and village health clinics in The Gambia, we still have a ways to go.