butterflySave Lives

Our mission has been to save lives and improve patient care by providing Gambian hospitals and clinics with reliable electricity via solar energy.


leafRoad to Solar

We believe we can leverage the distributive nature of solar PV generation to financially support hospitals and the expansion of solar electrification systems.


windmillSolar Energy

A team of experts from the Ministry of Energy recently named solar PV for centralized electricity as the top renewable energy opportunity in The Gambia.


waterWater Resources

Without electricity, water can’t be pumped to the hospital, compromising sanitation and treatment- increasing the risk of infection and disease.

lifesaverHealth Centers

We have brought power to 23 hospitals and clinics. With 7 hospitals, 56 health centers and 546 health posts in The Gambia, we still have a ways to go.



Solar power generation and power sales at larger health facilities could provide the revenue needed to build a centralized support system.


earthSave The World

Inequitable distribution of electricity and it’s infrastructure in the world particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, where over 590 million people lack access.


rainWater Shortages

Gambia has been hit by water and electricity shortages as the National Water and Electricity Company struggle to keep up with demand.

lampLeft in the Dark

A premature infant born in a country with limited access to electricity will be left in the dark, suffer from the cold, be monitored by flashlight or candlelight.


yinyangRenewal in Life

Teaming up with PUG offers a renewal on life in The Gambia by providing the necessary energy resources for health care sector as well as its community.


shopDrugs & Vaccines

Cold chain dependent drugs, blood, and vaccines are stored in refrigerators that are powered for short periods during the day, leading to loss of efficacy.


fieldSustaining Life

Bwaim farmers identified lack of reliable, inexpensive electricity for water pumping as the major reason why irrigation is not used in their fields.

Power Up The Gambia!