19 Clinics and Counting!

19 Clinics and Counting!

Yeah! We now have 19 clinics with solar lighting and 2 hospitals with larger solar power systems in The Gambia. Working closely with the Gambian Ministry of Health’s Regional Health Offices, we are excited about how our clinic projects are shaping up! For the smaller clinics, we are placing out two standardized solar kits – a solar suitcase made by our friends at We Care Solar, and a smaller solar and light unit purchased within the Gambia from Yingli Solar.

With the huge support of Sulayman Junkung Hospital’s CEO Mr. Kebba Badgie, volunteers from both University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University have done a great job of moving these clinic projects forward. And, with SJGH solar technician Saikou Gibba lending a capable hand, we are now able to provide support in-country for any of these units that may have problems.

This is a big deal – by placing solar power kits that are built the same and have standardized parts, we can have spare parts on hand for any repairs and replacements needed. And the clinics now know they can call or email Saikou for support when something goes wrong!

We hope to focus next on Central River Region and North Bank Region clinics. If we can raise an additional $10,000 for the clinic project by October, we hope to add an additional 6 clinics to our “completed” list, and bring the grand total up to 25 clinics this year. Consider helping us out with a donation today! Let’s build the momentum, and see if we can get all the clinics and hospitals in The Gambia powered by solar energy by 2020.

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